Spoofax vNext

This is a stub for the release notes of Spoofax vNext.

See the corresponding migration guide for migrating from Spoofax vPrev to Spoofax vNext.


  • SDF3: Lexical and context-free sort declarations
    In SDF3 you can now explicitly declare your sorts. Declare lexical sorts in a lexical sorts block, and context-free sorts in a context-free sorts block. Sorts declared in a kernel sorts block default to declaring context-free sorts until a suffix such as -LEX is added. Note that you have to use sdf2table: java to support lexical sorts.
  • Statix: New projects use the signature generator by default New project that use Statix automatically have the Statix signature generator enabled. For this to work properly, declare your lexical and context-free sorts in SDF3 explicitly. See the Statix signature generator documentation for more information.
  • TypeSmart: Support for TypeSmart was removed. We anticipate a more useable type analysis for Stratego in the form of a gradual type system.
    The metaborg.yaml file of a generated project used to contain a debug: typesmart: false. This was to turn off the TypeSmart dynamic analysis by default. This analysis would stop any Stratego code when it tried to construct a tree that did not conform to the grammar of the project.
    To our knowledge TypeSmart was not used in any active Spoofax project. It did, however, slow down the build time of all Spoofax projects, because extraction of the grammar into a TypeSmart readable format had to be done even if the analysis was off for that project. These two points, and the anticipation of a gradual type system for Stratego, were the reasons to drop TypeSmart support.
  • Stratego: Compilation of Stratego and helper code written in Java (in src/main/strategies) is now combined in a single jar file per Spoofax language instead of two. See the migration guide for more information on what to change in your Spoofax project.