Spoofax 1.1.0 (25-03-2013)

We are happy to announce the release of Spoofax 1.1! This is the first major release since version 1.0.2 and includes major features and improvements. Spoofax 1.1 supports all current Eclipse versions, up to version 4.2.2.



One of the most important improvements in Spoofax 1.1 is the inclusion of NaBL, the Spoofax Name Binding Language. NaBL is used in all new projects created and significantly simplifies name binding analysis, as well as any editor services that depend on it (e.g., code completion, reference resolving)

NaBL is documented at the following pages:


Other highlights of the 1.1 release include:

And there were a number of notable changes under the hood:

A comprehensive list of changes can be viewed at http://yellowgrass.org/tag/Spoofax/1.1.


Eclipse plugin update site

The latest stable version of the Spoofax Eclipse plugin is always published to the stable update site: http://download.spoofax.org/update/stable. See the getting started guide for instructions on how to get started with Spoofax.

This specific release is also published to the release/1.1.0 update site: http://download.spoofax.org/update/release/1.1.0.