Spoofax 2.5.3

Spoofax 2.5.3 is a minor release with bugfixes, performance improvements, and new small and/or experimental features.



  • Added support for getting the selected term in Stratego builders/transformations. In the builder tuple (node, _, ast, path, projectPath), the first term (node) is now the selected term when a builder is executed in the context of an editor with a selection. The term is selected by finding the outermost term that has an origin that fits in the selection.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented source transformations from being run if context or analysis were missing.
  • Changed constraint analyzer to support more multi-file scenarios.


  • Added an incremental variant of the JSGLR2 parser (experimental).


  • Improved preformance of AST resolution lookups.

Statix (experimental)

  • Fixed bugs and improved performance.


  • Added a lifecycle mapping that adds a Spoofax nature to an imported spoofax-project.


Eclipse plugin

Update site

  • Eclipse update site: http://artifacts.metaborg.org/content/unzip/releases-unzipped/org/metaborg/org.metaborg.spoofax.eclipse.updatesite/2.5.3/org.metaborg.spoofax.eclipse.updatesite-2.5.3-assembly.zip-unzip/
  • Eclipse update site archive

IntelliJ plugin

  • IntelliJ update site: http://artifacts.metaborg.org/content/repositories/releases/org/metaborg/org.metaborg.intellij.dist/2.5.3/org.metaborg.intellij.dist-2.5.3.zip
  • IntelliJ update site archive

Command-line utilities

Core API

  • Spoofax Core uber JAR
  • Spoofax Core uber Maven artifact: org.metaborg:org.metaborg.spoofax.core.uber:2.5.3

Maven artifacts

Maven artifacts can be found on our artifact server. The Maven version used for this release is 2.5.3. See the instructions on using MetaBorg Maven artifacts for more information.