3.6. Load and unload languages

Spoofax for IntelliJ supports dynamic loading and unloading of languages. Follow this quick start guide to load or unload a language from the IDE. Note that alternatively you can edit the project’s metaborg.yaml file to alter the dependencies, and reload the project. Languages loaded through the Settings dialog are loaded for every instance of the application.

  1. Choose the FileSettings menu or press the Ctrl+Alt+S keyboard combination, to open the Settings dialog.

  2. Go to the Languages & FrameworksMetaborg Languages page.

  3. Use the ../../../../../_images/button_plus.pngPlus and ../../../../../_images/button_minus.pngPlus buttons to load or unload a language.

    ../../../../../_images/settings_metaborglanguages_add.pngChanging the loaded languages

  4. Click OK to apply the changes.