1. Getting StartedΒΆ


Generate a language project that uses Statix by following this guide and selecting Statix for Analysis type.

The best way to get started on Statix is to use the the lectures from the TU Delft compiler construction course. These lectures explain the concepts that are used in Statix, and discuss scope graph patterns and Statix rules for several language features. In particular, these are the relevant lectures:

The lecture pages also link to other presentations and tutorials on Statix and scope graphs.

Example projects using Statix can be found in this reposity. The `STLCrec<https://github.com/metaborg/nabl/tree/master/statix.integrationtest/lang.stlcrec>`_ project is the simplest, and shows a simply-typed lambda calculus extended with structural records. The `Units<https://github.com/metaborg/nabl/tree/master/statix.integrationtest/lang.units>`_ project contains definitions for a language that supports various module and package features. The `FGJ<https://github.com/metaborg/nabl/tree/master/statix.integrationtest/lang.fgj>`_ project shows a more advanced specification for Featherweight Generic Java, showing scopes as types, complex scope graph patterns, and lazy-substitution-based generics.