Spoofax vNext

These are the release notes for Spoofax vNext.

See the corresponding migration guide for migrating from Spoofax vPrev to Spoofax vNext.



  • Make ArithTest Serializable
  • Integrate the Incremental Solver in Spoofax.
  • Fix issue where edges were closed twice in incremental solver when having debug log enabled.
  • Deprecate the concurrent property in favor of the mode (for language projects) or modes (for example projects) properties.
  • Allow singleton properties to be set to the same value multiple times.
  • Reduce number of cascading messages (can be disabled using runtime.statix.suppress-cascading-errors: false).
  • Show delay reasons and prevented completions on messages for unsolved constraints.
  • Add eq(term) lambda sugar.
  • Add runtime.statix.test-log option to show Statix test logging in the console.
  • Fix bug where solver with return-on-first-error enabled would also return if the first failing constraint had a non-error message kind.