3.3. Importing an existing language specification

Follow this quick start guide to import an existing Spoofax language specification into IntelliJ.

  1. Choose Import Project from the welcome dialog, or the FileNewProject from Existing Sources… menu item, to open the Import Project dialog.

  2. Browse to the root folder of the project, and click OK.

    ../../../../../_images/import_langspec.pngBrowsing to the project

  3. Select Create project from existing sources and click Next.

    ../../../../../_images/import_langspec_existingsources.pngBrowsing to the project

  4. Pick a project name, and ensure the location is correct. Click Next.

  5. Ensure only the Spoofax module root is checked.

    ../../../../../_images/import_langspec_projectroots.pngCheck the project roots

  6. Click Finish.

The imported Spoofax language specification project has a metaborg.yaml file, which specifies the configuration and language dependencies of the specification.