6. Generating Scala case classes from SDF3 grammars


This feature is experimental and may result in Stratego errors during the generation process and/or invalid Scala code in the generated files.

SDF3 generates Stratego signatures of AST nodes that the parser uses. A new addition is the generation of Scala case classes that are similar in structure to such AST nodes. These Scala files can be generated using the menu entry Spoofax > Generate > Signature > Generate Scala Signatures. The files are generated in src-gen/signatures/scala-signatures/.

You can now copy the generated Scala files to a separate maven project. The files use a spoofax-scala interop library called org.metaborg.scalaterms. Take a look at the generated code for hints on useful patterns.

This Scala maven project should generate a jar that you can then use in your Spoofax project as a provider. That will allow you to connect it to your Spoofax project with Stratego. You write a tiny amount of Java to register an external strategy, which immediately calls into the Scala code. The interop library also has more classes to help with turning Java ATerms from Stratego into a handier structure in Scala. That in turn should help you write Scala code that can be used as a Strategy implementation for such strategies as editor-analyze, editor-hover or editor-resolve.

6.1. Name mangling

There is a small amount of name mangling used so the namespaces from SDF3 don’t conflict when they are merged into Scala’s class namespace:

  • Module names get an M prefixed and - are removed
  • Sort names get an S prefixed
  • Constructor names get their arity appended
  • Field names in constructors are the lowercased sort name combined with the index in the list of children. SDF labels are currently ignored. Feel free to contribute support for this.

6.2. Known issues

The following result in Scala code that doesn’t compile:

  • Defining a context-free sort equals a lexical sort without wrapping it in a constructor.
  • Defining parts of the same sort in different files.
  • Defining injections (sort1 = sort2) where the sorts are not all in the same file. (Can be fixed by putting the generated Scala in one file).
  • Please [report](yellowgrass.org/createIssue/SpoofaxWithCore) any other issues you have.