Getting help and reporting bugs

Thank you for using DynSem to specify your language’s dynamic semantics. If you need assistance using DynSem or you have discovered a bug please report it on DynSem’s issue tracker. Reporting your issue will help us remedy the situation and get you going again quickly.

Feature requests

DynSem’s features and design are still evolving. Please write to us if you want a feature in DynSem, in DynSem’s tooling (IDE, generated interpreter) or you would like a particular topic to be covered in the documentation. The best place to address feature requests is in DynSem’s issue tracker.


All DynSem code is open source and licensed under Apache License 2.0 and resides in its GitHub repository. If you would like to contribute to DynSem please fork the repository and follow the customary procedure to submit your contributions as pull requests.